Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why we love vacation!

Top 10 reasons why we love vacation (as we are still here.  Hopeful we will remember these when we are back home in the frozen tundra!)

10. Sleep - enough said
9. Sun
8. Beach
7. The pool
6. Shopping
5. Eating out
4. Watching what we want on t.v.
3. Uninterupted conversations
2. Going for walks
1. Resting

We love our children dearly, but we have also enjoyed some Chad & Melissa time, instead of mommy & daddy time.   It is nice to eat our food while it is hot & not have to cut food into little bites.  But, we are starting to miss the kiddos!  We are thankful for this time.....

The results are in!

We are on vacation in beautiful Florida (loving it!) & the allergy clinic called with my test results.  Here we go:

Allergic to:
* Wheat
* Cassein

Intolerant to:
* Corn
* Gluten
* Egg

So, of the 7 food intolerants I cut out on the Virgin diet, I am safe with two - peanuts & soy!  Let the lifestyle change begin....once we are home, that is!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another one today?

See, here I go again...all or nothing as mentioned above.  Apparently, today is an "all day," lol!  So, I've been doing this Virgin diet {JJ Virgin is the woman who created it -}  It's fascinating, really.  The premise is you take 3 weeks to eliminate the top 7 allergens from your diet.  {This is VERY strict & hard to do, mind you!}  Then, you add then in gradually, one week at a time.

I was on it for a week & then crashed & burned bc I was out with my mom, didn't plan ahead & was starving after a day of shopping.  Of course, Caribou offers no treats or drinks without dairy or soy, so boo! I caved.  Then, we had to take her to the Pizza Ranch since they don't have them in Indiana & though I ordered the gluten free pizza {yay!}, I didn't quite get all the cheese off.  So, boo, again.  I started again, only to discover something we use daily had soy in it.  So, I called the allergy clinic here & go in next week to be tested for food intolerances.  I'm not sure what I'm intolerant to, but I know I am to something (s).  Since I cheated, my head has hurt, I've been crabby & just not felt as well as I did when I was on it.  So, I'm looking forward to knowing more what I should eat & what I should not.....It has made me learn to listen to my body & be more self aware.  It's just so miraculous how our bodies are designed & created....truly a miracle, friends!

Fell off the radar again....

Hi all!  I shudder when I see my last post being from Jan. 27.  I guess we have been somewhat busy with my mom visiting for 8 days, a great women's conference at church, kids & life!  All is still great here in SD!  We are loving our church...the women's Holy Spirit conference was awesome & I'm so glad my mom was able to attend with me!  We have also taken the membership class & Chad has started to sing with the worship team after a 3 year hiatus when we were in IL.  {He traveled for his job, so with his inconsistent schedule, it didn't quite work.  We are thankful that chapter is closed.}  If you're looking for a vibrant, life giving, Spirit filled church in Sioux Falls, check ours out.  We LOVE it!  Sioux Falls is

I'm thinking about inconsistency today, especially with this blog.  I think overall, I'm a pretty consistent person, but I'm also an all or nothing person.  The idea of balance is something I'm working on.  Let's take motherhood for example, I'm either all in or not.  I either love being home or I despise it.  I'm not sure why or what is going on.  {Anyone else relate here?  Please say you do!}  It's frustrating to feel so all over the board with it.  I think, this week, I feel this way because we don't have school for a week!  I think that then the routine is off, I'm off too.  So, maybe something consistent not based on the school schedule would be good for me?  Who knows, just trying to discern where I'm supposed to be right now & where God has for me in this season.  If you're a praying person, I'd appreciate prayers for wisdom & revelation.  Thank you!!!