Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting TOO big!

Our little girl is growing up, people! She is doing so many new, big girl things now! Here are a few examples:

* She says "sit down," then sits down!
* She takes her cup to the fridge, tries to get ice out (she isn't quite tall enough...yet) & says "ice please."
* She wants to sit in all the "grown up" chairs in the house. See picture.

She is such a joy, but it makes me a little sad that my little baby isn't really a baby anymore...where has the past year & a half gone? It really does fly by....

Speaking of baby, everytime Lauren sees another child, she calls them "baby." My brother, his wife & 2 beautiful kiddos came to visit us last weekend. Lauren kept calling her cousins "baby," even though they are 6 & 4. It was a hoot! And, she sure was able to keep up with them - you should have seen her darting after them around the house...she is FAST! Here is another pic of our time together, it was a great, special day!