Monday, August 3, 2015

Losing Your Voice?

Have you ever lost your voice?  Whether it be literally {like physically lost your voice}, or feel like you have lost your voice/presence, it stinks! While I'm not sure I have totally 100% ever physically lost my voice, I do feel like I have lost my voice/presence.  The sad thing is I'm not exactly sure when or how it happened. As a kid, I remember being pretty loud and probably obnoxious.  Then, it seemed like it was about attention, wanting and needing attention, so I did what would work to get it.

It seems as though this carried into college, but somewhere along the way, my voice got lost.  While I think I know when it may have happened, it's surprising how much of an impact that has had.  It's interesting, because I remember talking in groups and people saying "what?  I can't hear you," or "please speak up."  When Chad and I first started dating, he would say that a lot.  It wasn't that I was mumbling, but that I was quiet.  My voice was gone.  Almost like I didn't feel like I had any worth in what I said, or a lack of value, maybe?  It's interesting because growing up some of my dreams were to become a t.v. broadcaster, and aerobics instructor, things that required being up front, in front of people.  My freshman year of college, COM 114 {speech} was my favorite class because I loved public speaking!  Yet, somewhere during my 4 year college experience and even after that, my voice began to wither......

While I believe there are several contributing factors to this, it's interesting how I have not noticed it....until now.  It's an area that it seems as though God wants to work on in me. Honestly, that was part of the reason I didn't want to get certified in PiYo.  I talked about that for probably a year, but realized the fear with it, for me, was speaking into a microphone in front of people.  Hmmmm. So, I've been sitting here, afraid to do something and what does God do?  He keeps putting me in more situations that force me out of my comfort zone.   That force me to get up in front of people and speak with a microphone. {Like at church!  On the stage!  AAGGHH!}

When I made the decision to get certified in Cize, I knew that I had to do it.  The burning desire inside of me was too much to say no to. In fact, I didn't even let myself think about the microphone when I registered!  LOL.  Chad made the comment "it will be good for you." When I asked him what that meant, his reply was "I think it will take you out of your comfort zone."  Great, just what I want! The reality is I do want to grow, change and if the call on my life is to have a voice, then I need to step into that and be faithful and obedient. I don't wanna miss anything because of fear! If we do that, who wins?  Seriously.  

All this to say, God is a god of restoration. While I don't know what from your past has been lost, as my voice was, I do know He wants to restore that and use it for His good. If you're willing to let Him, it can be a wild, exhilarating ride friends!  Are you ready?  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saving Lives

Are you a "life saver?" I would have answered this question with a "no," a few years ago. But, today, the answer would be different. There was a situation recently where someone we are close to had a health issue. In a facebook group, we were talking about bringing meals for this person and their family. "So if any one has recipes or ideas please share so we can all learn to cook healthier," was part of the post. Well, if you know me or have been following me, you know there have been some recent health changes in our lives as well and I have become a huge proponent of healthy foods, meals, clean eating, etc. This is right up my alley! I have actually made an ebook of clean eating recipes that I was thinking of posting, BUT, didn't want to come across as salesy or trying to push something. I messaged the friend who started the conversation on facebook to see what they thought, and the reply was "We all need educated and maybe save a life!! Be a blessing." Ok, then. So, the recipe book was posted.

However, the following day, the "maybe save a life," is sticking with me. See, my perception of saving lives has always been in the spiritual. Sharing the Gospel, inviting people into relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior. So, "saving," was a spiritual mindset for me. However, that transfers to the physical/natural realm as well. If we are physically dead, can we make a spiritual impact? I don't think so. Now it feels like God is calling me to save lives not only in the spiritual, but the physical as well. And, it's not about weight, folks. Anyone who thinks that is missing the boat. Did you know that the following diseases are related to foods: 

* Obesity 
* Diabetes 
* Cardiovascular disease 
* Osteoporosis

Just to name a few. Did you know that fast food increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes? Do we wonder why we as a nation are so sick? Look at our lifestyles. We are busy, we are not intentional about what we eat, we eat on the go, throwing fast food into our mouths more than we should be. We are eating for comfort, not to fuel our bodies. We are turning to food to pacify, comfort us, soothe us, when in reality we need to turn to the Comforter for that. "If you're comfortable, you don't need a Comforter," is something Todd White said 5 years ago that has stuck with me. We are seeking food for something it was never intended to be used for and it's making us sick. 

The other day on facebook, I posted about fatal conveniences. See, fatal conveniences are the abundances of food, but a lack of nutrients. We live in a society of fatal conveniences, folks. Look at our busy lifestyles...going here and there, but not giving our bodies the fuel they need.

If you don't think our nation is in a health crisis, I encourage you to go where people are. The zoo is where I had my "ah ha" moment. I saw parents who were unable to keep up with their kids because their weight was preventing them from doing so. As we have been out and about, I continue to see it ~ at the mall, at the pool, at churches, anywhere people are. Do you see parents able to keep up with their children? To run and play with them at the park? To keep up with them without getting out of breath? From what I have seen, those people are becoming the minority. And, it's not ok. I am not ok with kids not being played with or enjoying their parents because their parents don't know how to take care of themselves, or aren't willing to. Is that fair to the kids? Jesus came to give us life to the FULL, yet I see people not living in that fullness He died for because of food choices, and lack of exercise. Sounds like the devil's plan to steal, kill and destroy is winning, eh?

So, if being a life saver means helping people use food as medicine, vs. poison, then yes, I'm a life saver! If you'd like me to help you with this area of your life, or if you'd like to know more about Jesus, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!
Be a blessing today, friends!  Do good!