Wednesday, November 18, 2015

3 Day Refresh, Update!

After my last experience with the 3 Day Refresh, I decided to try it again, a year later. My thoughts going in were triple fold.

1. I wanted to see if us being in a more stable point in our lives would make a difference {last time I did the 3 Day Refresh, we were in a very uncertain point of life with an upcoming move, lots of unknowns, etc.}  It was important for me to know if the possibility of our situation swayed my outlook on the 3 Day Refresh.

2. We had just gotten off of a long weekend in Chicago where I over-indulged on all foods Chicago. You know, Giordino's Pizza, Garrett's popcorn, need I say more?  LOL :)

3. I had gotten into a slippery slope with sugar again and really just needed the freedom from it, so needed to see if this would affect me in that way.

Interestingly enough, I ended up doing the 3 Day Refresh this time while Chad was away. He was concerned about this, knowing how round 1 went last time.  But, me....I was more confident.  I started it on a Monday and continued until Wednesday, doing the full 3 days.  {Chad was gone Tuesday-Friday of this week}.

It makes me so happy to say that this experience was much much better!  I was a little more tired than normal on day 1, but day 2 and day 3, I would say my energy level was normal.  {Please note, I did not work out during this time!}  But, I did follow the program to a T, which was exciting for me.  I needed the challenge of knowing I could do it, especially with where my eating habits had been prior to the Refresh.  I felt great, I was in a good mood, energy level was good after the first day, my thinking was straight.  All went well the 3 days I did the refresh!

But, let me tell you what happened on day 1 AFTER the refresh.  Lauren had brought home some leftover Halloween candy from school.  Being the good mom that I am, I didn't let her have it, so I put it in my purse, knowing I was committed to the Refresh and not concerned that I would slip. However, Thursday, I slipped.  I ate all the chocolate candy in her bag {I think there were 3 pieces?} A few hours later, a headache appeared.  A few hours after that, a fit of rage hit.  I was way out of control, likely from the sugar and chemicals in the candy.  All that junk had been out of my system for 3 whole days and I felt great.  Emotionally, I felt very stable, then I ate the candy........

Was I upset with myself?  Somewhat.  Did I learn a HUGE lesson?  Yup, sure did.  It just reconfirmed that what we eat affects not only our minds, but our emotions as well.  What we put into and on our bodies affects us.  I am living proof.  Friends, I care about you so much.  I know first hand from myself and my children how foods affect our minds, and our behavior.  That's why I do what I do.  To educate.  To help.  To inform.  The holidays are coming up and maybe it's too much for you to start a program like the 21 Day Fix, or Cize, or something like that.  What about a 3 Day Refresh, coupled with drinking Shakeology every day?  That might be a great way to ease into making the changes you want and need to.

So, how can I help you?  Let me know.....I'm always here and ready to help.

{Note, I will add I did not take before or after pictures, measurements or weight before hand, as my motivation for doing this was not weight loss.  It was to feel better and get rid of some of the processed, "un clean" foods I had eaten over time.}